Security at Nightclubs on Delray’s Atlantic Avenue

Security at Nightclubs on Delray’s Atlantic Avenue

Security at Nightclubs on Delray’s Atlantic Avenue

When you think of the services a nightclub security company might provide, most people would probably conjure up images drawn from television and movies. Maybe you’re thinking of muscle-bound guards or guys who are a little too-slick guarding access to some VIP. 

At Alpha 3 Security Services, a fully licensed, insured and bonded security company serving Broward County, Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County and Monroe County, we know the reality usually doesn’t match up to the Hollywood version of the job.

The safety and security of the club’s patrons and staff is always a priority. As a nightclub security company, we are also focused on ensuring that the premises are secure and that all safety rules and regulations are being followed.   

An Example of the Realities of Nightclub Security

As the Sun-Sentinel recently reported, security has become an issue for the nightclubs in one Palm Beach County community. “Downtown Delray Beach has become a destination for boisterous nightlife, fueled by bustling restaurants, lively bars and rollicking parties. But city officials say the festive scene is creating safety hazards. The City Commission asked police and firefighters to monitor the crowds closely until the restaurants consistently follow safety laws,” the paper says.

The main area of concern is Atlantic Avenue, a trendy destination with popular restaurants, alone bars, galleries and boutiques. There’s nothing seedy about this area – at all. (In other words, the nightclub security guards wouldn’t make the big screen!). The concern isn’t related to crime, it’s about crowds.  

As the Sun-Sentinel explains, “City planners say the most intense areas of activity, including a three-block stretch between Swinton and the railroad tracks that law enforcement has been focusing on, wasn’t designed for the enormous crowds that are congregating, especially during special events that can attract thousands.”

As an intermediate fix, the City Commission asked Delray’s police, fire rescue and code compliance departments to step in and make sure occupancy limits were being respected. The hope is that the businesses on Atlantic Avenue will realize that controlling the crowds is in their own best interests and that government involvement will be only temporary.

Alpha 3 Security Services in Delray Beach, a multifaceted security company providing nightclub security as well as school security, construction site security guards and more, has its headquarters in Boca Raton, which happens to be just south of Delray Beach. Just saying – if any bar owners from Delray happen to be looking for professional security services.

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