Unarmed Security Services

We are a full service security Company that can offer various security services and tailor our services to your needs and expectations. Whether it be high-rise condominiums, gated communities or rental properties, Alpha 3 is ready to rise to the occasion and meet your needs, whether it be access control, concierge services, rover vehicle services or fire watch.


Armed Security Services

An extension to our unarmed uniformed division we offer armed security services consisting of state certified and highly trained armed officers of which many are retired military, former law enforcement personnel and private sector specialists. Highly motivated, experienced and disciplined professionals, at the ready ,to protect your interests, property and privacy.

Job Site Security Services

We offer security services for commercial locales, construction security details, retail sites security, office buildings, hospitals, houses of worship such as church security, synagogue security and mosque security, hotels and educational institutions. Our officers are cross trained customer service professionals willing to meet and exceed client expectations, big or small.

Event Security Services

Event Security Services

Entertainment oriented security , executive protection and consulting services are part of our specialty. Ready to service your needs on a local or national stage, our professionals are poised and prepared to tackle any situation. Our services include but are not limited to:
Concerts, Carnivals, Sporting Events, Parties, Private Events, Movie and Television Sets, Nightclubs and Restaurants

Security Guard Services in Delray Beach

Welcome to Alpha 3, your trusted provider of Delray Beach Security Services and Delray Beach Security Guards.

In Delray Beach, the significance of solid security measures is undeniable. From opulent resorts to bustling commercial centers, the demand for first-rate security solutions is crucial.

Alpha 3 Security Services is your go-to source for all your security requirements.

We specialize in services such as marina security and community patrol for homeowners associations.

As a top-tier security guard service in Delray Beach, we focus on your safety and well-being.

What Sets Our Security Services in Delray Beach Apart?

When you think about security companies in Delray Beach, Alpha 3 Security Services differentiates itself in multiple ways:

Expert and Skilled Staff

Our team consists of highly skilled experts, many of whom have served in the military or law enforcement sectors.

This guarantees receiving the finest security guards in Delray Beach, equipped to manage diverse scenarios with competence and expertise.

Around-the-Clock Assistance and Oversight

We recognize that security is a full-time obligation. Therefore, we provide continuous assistance and surveillance services, ensuring you can relax knowing your property is perpetually secure.

Tailor-Made Security Plans

Every location is distinct, which is why we offer personalized security plans to address your particular requirements.

Whether hotel security or construction site protection, our services are molded to provide the most efficient safeguarding possible.

Our Delray Beach Security Guards

Under our “Detailing Our Delray Beach Security Guards” umbrella, we offer comprehensive security solutions tailored to meet Delray Beach residents and businesses unique needs. 

From 24/7 monitoring and patrols by highly trained Delray Beach Security Guards to specialized services like event security and access control, we cover all aspects to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Marina Security: A Necessity, Not a Luxury

In Delray Beach, marina security is of utmost importance. We offer an all-encompassing array of services to ensure your patrons’ safety and ease.

We have everything from implementing entry control systems that allow only approved individuals to enter your marina to offering hospitality services that blend seamlessly with security measures.

Our executive protection officers provide subtle yet potent security for VIP guests, guaranteeing their absolute safety without invading their personal space.

Hotel Security: A Commitment to Guest Welfare

Hotels are dynamic environments requiring a specialized set of security protocols.

Our hotel security offerings encompass routine room checks to thwart unauthorized access and swift emergency action plans for fires or health emergencies.

We also extend event security in Delray Beach for seminars, weddings, and other large-scale events hosted at your hotel.

Construction Security: Shielding Your Work Zone

Construction locales are frequent targets for theft and vandalism, which is why we specialize in job site security in Delray Beach.

Our offerings include:

  • Continuous surveillance to ward off intruders.
  • Routine safety inspections to ensure adherence to all guidelines.
  • Swift action plans for any security-related incidents.


Delray Beach Security Services & Guards

Additional Specialized Security Services

At Alpha 3 Security Services, we extend beyond basic security offerings.

Our Additional Specialized Services cater to specific needs, ranging from ensuring the safety of public parks to safeguarding high-profile individuals.

Park Security

Public parks should be havens where individuals feel secure and liberated to enjoy themselves. 

Our park security services comprise regular patrols, swift emergency action, and crowd management during public gatherings.

Commercial Security

From shopping centers to corporate offices, our commercial security solutions aim to guard both assets and individuals. 

We offer entry control, monitoring, and rapid emergency response services adapted to your commercial environment’s needs.

HOA Community Patrol

Security for homeowners associations requires a unique approach, and our community patrol services are crafted to meet these specialized needs. 

From rule enforcement to addressing resident issues, we offer comprehensive security solutions for residential areas.

Executive Protection Officers

Our highly trained executive protection officers are equipped to provide comprehensive security services for individuals requiring specialized protection.

With their extensive experience and expertise in the field, they can offer discreet yet effective protection to ensure their client’s safety in various settings.

From high-profile events to daily activities, our officers can assess potential risks and implement measures to mitigate them, including threat assessment, planning, and emergency response.

Your Reliable Security Guard Services Company in Delray Beach

Alpha 3 Security Services is not just another Delray Beach security guard company; we are your partners in creating a secure and safe atmosphere.

Whether you require security personnel for nightclubs in Delray Beach or personal bodyguards, we offer extensive, customized solutions for all your security necessities.

We take pride in providing professional, reliable security services to the Delray Beach community.

Our dedicated Delray Beach security guards are trained to the highest standards, so you can trust us to protect your property and keep people safe.

For additional information or to discuss your unique security requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us at (888) 985-0883 or email us at

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