Unarmed Security Services

We are a full service security Company that can offer various security services and tailor our services to your needs and expectations. Whether it be high-rise condominiums, gated communities or rental properties, Alpha 3 is ready to rise to the occasion and meet your needs, whether it be access control, concierge services, rover vehicle services or fire watch.

Armed Security Services

An extension to our unarmed uniformed division we offer armed security services consisting of state certified and highly trained armed officers of which many are retired military, former law enforcement personnel and private sector specialists. Highly motivated, experienced and disciplined professionals, at the ready ,to protect your interests, property and privacy.

Job Site Security Services

We offer security services for commercial locales, construction security details, retail sites security, office buildings, hospitals, houses of worship such as church security, synagogue security and mosque security, hotels and educational institutions. Our officers are cross trained customer service professionals willing to meet and exceed client expectations, big or small.

Event Security Services
Event Security Services

Entertainment oriented security , executive protection and consulting services are part of our specialty. Ready to service your needs on a local or national stage, our professionals are poised and prepared to tackle any situation. Our services include but are not limited to:
Concerts, Carnivals, Sporting Events, Parties, Private Events, Movie and Television Sets, Nightclubs and Restaurants

Monroe County Security Services

In today’s world, security services must be more complex because threats to individuals and properties have become more common.  Business and residential property owners are constantly looking for better ways to protect their assets and valuables.  So, it’s very apparent that protecting ourselves from those individuals who want to harm, steal, and vandalize is an ongoing battle.  This is the reason business owners, homeowners, and property managers rely on Alpha 3 Security Services to safeguard their personnel, property, and possessions.

Our Company and Services

As Florida’s top-rated security service provider, we have nearly 20 years of experience and expertise in the protective services field.  Since establishing our company, we have provided unmatched security service solutions to commercial and residential property owners as well as property managers.  In order to ensure that our personnel can handle and overcome any home or office security issue, we provide free training and ongoing education to all of our field officers. This keeps them abreast of the latest in the security arena and enables them to be prepared for everyday security requirements of different areas and industries.

Furthermore, Alpha 3 Security Services provides the most extensive range of security solutions here in the state of Florida and the southeastern U.S.  These services include:

  • resort security
  • hotel security
  • marina security
  • construction security
  • RV resort security
  • RV campgrounds security
  • park security
  • commercial security
  • HOA community patrol
  • executive protection officers
  • bodyguards

As your security services provider, we can provide cost-effective security options that can be tailored to accommodate your specific needs.  With any of the above solutions, we can address all of your security concerns quickly and efficiently.

Why have many Clients switched to Alpha 3 Security Services?

Our primary goals at Alpha 3 Security Services are to reduce the client’s liability and protect them against a wide range of threats.  Unfortunately, many security companies have failed their clients in those areas.  Here are 4 reasons why so many clients have switched to our company in order to fulfill their security needs and requirements:

  • 90% of all security service providers don’t provide accurate reporting (this is a major legal issue that creates huge liability)
  • Clients have grown tired of inferior or substandard security services
  • Security guards failed to show up on time or didn’t show up at all
  • Some security services didn’t hold their personnel accountable

At Alpha 3 Security Services, our hands-on supervisory approach and multi-level management team ensures that we will meet or exceed the expectations of every client we serve.  No matter how big or how small, we value every client and treat each one of them with the same level of care and respect. You can be sure that we understand your security and safety requirements and will ensure it. No two requirements are the same and that is why we personalize and plan according to each client’s requirements. This makes sure that each client has customized security.

Why should You choose Alpha 3 Security Services?

We know that there are dozens of security service providers to choose from in southern Florida.  However, we also believe that affordability, integrity, and reliability as well as our reputation in the area are what separate us from those other companies.  We also recognize the ever-changing needs of every client and provide more individualized attention as a result.  Additionally, we pride ourselves on responding to every client’s needs quickly and efficiently.  To learn more about our company and the services we provide, contact Alpha 3 Security Services today. Our business representatives would be happy to answer your queries and clarify any doubts. We serve the following zip codes and more: 46151, 46160, 47264, 47401, 47402, 47403, 4704, 47405, 47406, 47407, 47408, 47426, 47429, 47433, 47434, 47436, 47458, 47460, 47462, 47463, 47464, and 47468.

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