Broward Security Services

Broward Security Services

Unarmed Security Services

We are a full service security Company that can offer various security services and tailor our services to your needs and expectations. Whether it be high-rise condominiums, gated communities or rental properties, Alpha 3 is ready to rise to the occasion and meet your needs, whether it be access control, concierge services, rover vehicle services or fire watch.

Armed Security Services

An extension to our unarmed uniformed division we offer armed security services consisting of state certified and highly trained armed officers of which many are retired military, former law enforcement personnel and private sector specialists. Highly motivated, experienced and disciplined professionals, at the ready ,to protect your interests, property and privacy.

Job Site Security Services

We offer security services for commercial locales, construction security details, retail sites security, office buildings, hospitals, houses of worship such as church security, synagogue security and mosque security, hotels and educational institutions. Our officers are cross trained customer service professionals willing to meet and exceed client expectations, big or small.

Event Security Services
Event Security Services

Entertainment oriented security , executive protection and consulting services are part of our specialty. Ready to service your needs on a local or national stage, our professionals are poised and prepared to tackle any situation. Our services include but are not limited to:
Concerts, Carnivals, Sporting Events, Parties, Private Events, Movie and Television Sets, Nightclubs and Restaurants

Miramar Security Services

In Miramar and throughout Miami-Dade County, we have a continually growing and changing community. That means that there are often challenges to keeping crime at bay and ensuring the health and safety of our citizens. When it comes to your family, your home, your assets or your business, our sole purpose is to protect you in that ever-changing world.

At Alpha 3 Security Services, you can depend on us for all your security needs. With over 17 years of experience in protective services, our professional team of highly trained Miramar security guards has been a trusted partner in the industry. Our clients have come to rely on our competence, our professionalism and our personalized service.

Fully Customized Services

Every job has its own individual security needs. Consequently, there can be no cookie-cutter approaches.

Each job we take, we do a full assessment, create a detailed security plan and tailor it to the community, the industry, the venue or the individual’s needs. We provide a wide range of on-site Miramar security guard services that is fully customized for what you need most.

Unarmed Security in Miramar

Not all situations call for armed security. In many cases, the very presence of unarmed security will be enough to deter unwanted activity and help ensure the safety of people and premises.

Unarmed, however, does not mean untrained. Our unarmed staff is trained not only to control access and report unwanted behavior but to deter crime in the making. Our unarmed security guards receive the same high-quality training, vetting and rigorous background checks that any of our security staff receives.

Armed Security Services

Our Miramar armed security guards are state certified and have completed our extensive training program. Each guard is licensed through the state and carries a Class G firearm license. Many of our personnel are former military, law enforcement officers or specialists in the private sector with extensive training and experience.

Job Site Security in Miramar

Our professional on-site services provide 24/7 site monitoring to ensure against loss on your property. We offer

  • Property and materials protection
  • Tools and equipment protection
  • Trespass protection
  • Emergency response protection

When you can’t be there, you can trust that we are on the job protecting your valuable property against losses of any kind.

Special Event Security

Special event security in Miramar demands specialized training in crowd dynamics and control. At Alpha 3 Security services, we help you with advance planning, professional threat assessment and recognizing any crisis response that may be needed. While our staff is trained to respond professionally and politely, our primary goal is to ensure the safety and security of every event attendee.

Personal Bodyguards in Miramar

The personal safety of your family, your staff and yourself is imperative to our skilled bodyguards. Our staff is trained to spot those who may have harmful intentions toward you and will quickly identify and disburse that threat.

Loss Prevention Security

Having the services of security officers will increase the safety of your company’s bottom line from loss from criminal or illegal activity. Recognizing potential theft and deterring it when it comes to retail, commercial properties, offices and other properties from internal or external threats is one of the skills that we offer business and commercial property owners to ensure against loss of their important assets.

What Sets Us Apart

At Alpha 3 Security Services, our Miramar security guards are held to the highest standards in the industry. Each has undergone

  • Our own extensive security force training
  • Pre-employment screening and background checks, including drug screening and criminal checks
  • Education in investigative services
  • First aid training
  • Emergency response training
  • Concealed permit training, when required

Our stringent review processes carefully vet and evaluate each applicant as well are ensuring prior experience and interpersonal skills. We also evaluate our guards annually and keep training updated with all new technology and modern advances in security protocols.

Contact us today to discuss how our professional Miramar security guard services can serve your greatest protection needs. We serve the following zip codes and more: 33023, 33025, 33027, and 33029.

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